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Posted by in SharePoint, Office 365 on Nov 06, 2017 .

Are you overwhelmed, confused, or maybe even caught off guard when changes are made in SharePoint Online? Well, you aren’t alone. This ever-evolving product that is near and dear to our hearts is being updated regularly and if you aren’t paying close attention you may not be able to keep up with the changes or understand what changes are happening or may have already happened.

I have good news for you, not only can you be informed of upcoming changes to SharePoint Online, you can also read about the changes that have already taken place.

Let’s begin by looking back at what you may have missed. Microsoft maintains a Web site...

Posted by in on Sep 13, 2017 .

When Microsoft launched SharePoint Server 2016, they said you’ll no longer have to wait for the next major release of SharePoint to obtain new features and functionality introduced in SharePoint Online.

They are following through with this concept by releasing SharePoint Server 2016 Feature Pack 2 in early September of 2017 nearly a year after Feature Pack 1 was released. Microsoft also just re-released Feature Pack 1 again in August of 2017 which is KB4011049Personally, it seems like a long time in between feature packs considering how many changes have been made to SharePoint Online. 

Feature packs, also called Public Updates...

Posted by in SharePoint, Speaking on Sep 05, 2017 .

Making ESPC as Easy as 1.2.3

Europe’s Largest SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference is approaching fast. Here’s a few handy tips on how to make the most of your time at the conference.              

  1. Find out who’s going                                                                                          

Check out Twitter #ESPC17 to find out who’s going or visit the ESPC17 delegates page. If you would like to be added to this page, email your image and details to There’s no better time to network with your peers, connect with new prospects, or touch base with customers than...

Posted by in SharePoint, Office 365 on May 16, 2017 .

Microsoft’s first SharePoint Virtual summit was held today Tuesday, May 16, 2017 and there were several fgreat announcements made. I’ve included about ½ dozen of these announcements. For the full story with the details from the summit, please visit the following site:

SharePoint Summit May, 2017

Also, information regarding SharePoint Server 2016 Feature Pack 2 was introduced today, which will be released in the fall of 2017, and it was noted that SharePoint Server 2016 there are no plans to make SharePoint Server 2016 the last on-premises version of SharePoint. You can read more about this announcement by visiting the...

Posted by in on Apr 25, 2017 .


Microsoft’s Office Online Server (OOS), formerly known as Office Web Apps (OWA), recently released the second significant update to OOS. This April 2017 update includes changes and improvements in the following seven functional areas of OOS:

  • Support on Windows Server 2016
  • Performance improvements to co-authoring in PowerPoint Online.
  • Equation viewing in Word Online.
  • New navigation pane in Word Online.
  • Improved undo/redo in Word Online.
  • Enhanced W3C accessibility support for users who rely on assistive technologies.
  • Accessibility checkers for all applications to ensure that all Office documents can be read and...

Posted by in Office 365 on Mar 29, 2017 .


On Tuesday March 14th, Microsoft announced Microsoft Teams – a chat-based workspace available in Office 365 that is now fully functional and available to over 85 million Office 365 active users, in 19 languages and 181 markets world-wide. Microsoft Team users can utilize this new powerful collaboration suite of tools for team chats, calls, meetings, and messaging. The Teams are both customizable and extensible, and provide security and standards compliancy to keep your company’s sensitive collaborations private.

Microsoft Teams is built on four primary promises, each of which I’ll expand on in this post:

    Chat for...

Posted by in SharePoint, Office Online Server on Dec 21, 2016 .

Office Online Server Update

Microsoft released Office Online Server (OOS), formerly known as Office Web Apps (OWA) earlier this year, and recently announce the first significant update to it. First the good news and that is that this  November update provides improvements in the following eight functional areas of OOS:

  • Performance improvements to co-authoring in Word Online
  • Improved picture resizing in Word Online
  • Improvements when working with tables in Word Online and PowerPoint Online, including better drag-and-drop support
  • Support for showing spelling errors inline in the PowerPoint editor
  • Copy and paste improvements...