Speaking Events

2015 Events Dates Location
SharePoint Evolution Conference, 2015 April 20-22 QEII Conference Center, London
2014 Events Dates Location
SharePoint Saturday, Virginia Beach January 11 Virginia Beach, VA
SharePoint Saturday, Honolulu February 21 Honolulu, HI
SharePoint Conference 2014 March 3-6 Las Vegas, NV
SQL Saturday, Phoenix March 29th Phoenix, AZ
SharePoint Saturday, Boston April 12th Boston, MA
SharePoint Saturday, Durham May 3rd Durham, NC
SharePoint TechFest, Phoenix May 13th Phoenix, AZ
SharePoint Saturday, Baltimore May 17th Baltimore, MD
SharePoint Saturday, Sacramento May 31st Sacramento, CA
SharePoint Saturday, New York City July 26th NYC, NY
SharePointalooza September 12 & 13 Branson, MO
SPTechCon, Boston September 16-19 Boston, MA
SharePoint Saturday, New Jersey September 20th Piscataway, NJ
SharePoint Fest, Denver September 22-24 Denver, CO
SharePoint Saturday, Bend October 4 Bend, OR
SharePoint Saturday, New Hampshire October 18 Nashua, NH
SharePoint Saturday, Reston October 25 Reston, VA
DEVintersection 2014 November 10-13 Las Vegas, NV
SharePoint Saturday, San Diego November 15 San Diego, CA
SharePoint Live! 2014 Orlando November 17-21 Orlando, FL
SharePoint Saturday, Phoenix November 22 Tempe, AZ
Microsoft Virtual Academy  December 9-10 Redmond, WA
More Events to be announced soon....  In 2014 Everywhere
2013 Events Dates Location
SharePoint Live 360 Nov 18-22 Orlando, FL
2013 North America MCT Summit Sept 18-20 Redmond, WA
Querying SQL Server 2012 Jump Start Sept 13 Live from Redmond, WA
SharePoint Saturday, New York July 27 New York City, NY
TechEd Europe 2013 June 25-28 Madrid, Spain
SharePoint Saturday, DC June 8 Chevy Chase, MD
SharePoint Evolutions Conference, 2013 April 15-17 London, England
Tuning SQL Server 2012 for SharePoint 2013 Jump Start March 19 Live from Redmond, WA
SharePoint and Office Conference, Italy March 5-7 Milan, Italy
SharePoint Saturday, Virginia Beach January 5 Virginia Beach, VA
2012 Events Dates Location
SharePoint Live 360 December 10-14 Orlando, FL
SharePoint Saturday, Ozarks September 8 Branson, MO
SharePoint Saturday, New York July 28 New York City, NY
SharePoint Saturday, San Diego June 30 San Diego, CA
SharePoint Saturday, Silicon Valley June 2 Silicon Valley, CA
International SharePoint Conference, London April 23-25 QEII Conference Center, London
SharePoint Saturday, Twin Cities April 14 Bloomington, MN